MHS Materials on Underrepresented Communities

Underrepresented Communities

MHS Collections and Resources

This web portal showcases the Massachusetts Historical Society’s collections and resources documenting individuals and communities who have traditionally been unrepresented in the historical record. In addition to thousands of pages of digitized content, this site provides access to relevant exhibitions, digital features, study materials, and other items available via the MHS website. Note that the lists provided are not intended to be exhaustive, and that more materials relating to underrepresented groups can be found across the MHS website and catalog.

Note that some items here may contain images or language that is considered outdated, inappropriate, or racist today.

Digitized Collections

Fully or partially digitized collections containing materials relating to marginalized groups, arranged by topic.

Thanks to a grant from an anonymous organization, the MHS was recently able to digitize over 30,000 pages of material relating to the history of marginalized groups. These and many other materials are represented in the collections below.

Immigration and U.S. Colonization Abroad

Subject Guides

Overviews of MHS collections containing materials relating to underrepresented groups.

Explore More

In addition to the items listed above, other collections, books, and artifacts concerning these and other marginalized groups can be found by searching ABIGAIL, the library catalog, as well as the Collection Guides. In addition, a long-term project to reframe and re-describe our collections to promote a more complete representation of the individuals in our archive, as well as a more accurate and unbiased presentations of their stories, is ongoing.

For more information on MHS initiatives regarding equity, please refer to our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion statement